Zoobs at the Blakes

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Don't they say that being at the right palce at the right time is important? It definitely was the case when Jean-David Malat, director of New Bond street Opera Gallery, met  Zoobs, the artist who mixes art and fashion photography with graffiti, painting and scratching techniques.

 Zoobs at the Blakes

Meet the artist: Zoobs

He first appeared on the media radar in  2011 -the artist painted  a Sex Pistols style portrait of Kate Middleton as Queen of England with the  words ‘God save the future Queen’  printed at the top and bottom of the image whilst ‘the next pistol’ stretched across Middleton’s mouth.


Kate Middleton by Zoobs: God save the future Queen

He went further and did another pop-style portrait of  Prince William, depicted as the King of Pop.

2011zob0011 Zoobs at the Blakes

Prince William or Prince of Pop?

Since the beginning of this work-based friendship the gallery hosted a number of exhibits featuring Zoobs, the latest of them overspilled on the grounds of theBlakes - a swanky hotel in  Chelsea.

 Zoobs at the Blakes

Terrace at the Blakes

This sympathetically converted collection of London townhouses featured his works on the terrace, in the restaurant and even on the taxes parked in front of the hotel.

 Zoobs at the Blakes

Zoobs taxi

 Zoobs at the BlakesLouis Walsh, a music producer and X Factor judge, came to support Zoobs.

 Zoobs at the Blakes

Friends in high places: Zoobs, Louis Walsh and Jean-David Malat at the Blakes

So did the darlings of the artworld Rachael Barratt and Meredith Ostrom.

 Zoobs at the Blakes

Meredith Ostrom - actress/artist, also supported by Opera Gallery and Jean-David Malat

And so art and the art of social life  kissed each other on the cheeks, drank champagne and shook hands on future projects.  Long live the Queen! ...and Zoobs.


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  1. avatar Maria Ivanova says:

    Zoobs looks wild!

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